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Show me the Money Honey

Bee keeping is more than just a hobby.

Bee keepers can make around £7.50 per honeycomb, with the typical hive producing around 35 honeycombs in a year. That's over £260 per hive per year.  A large garden can accommodate multiple hives.

Home made honey is in demand and can be sold from the home or through a local farm shop.
Bees also produce beeswax, which will also earn you money!
Don't forget that bees will also help pollinate your garden.

However, start up costs are high.  Expect to pay upwards of £500 for the bee keeping equipment and for your first colony of bees.
You will also need to undergo training before you start. The British Beekeepers Association offers training on the craft.  Check out www.bbka.org.uk for more information.

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