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Grow your own Fruit and Veg

Tackle that unkempt garden this Spring

Do you have an unkempt garden that you rarely use? If you’re trying to eat more healthily, but find supermarket fruit and veg overpriced and tasteless, why not put your garden to good use and start growing your own?

Growing your own food is personally rewarding and provides great outdoor exercise.  Plus, garden fresh, home grown fruit and veg taste far better than the supermarket offer. 

By reducing the distant that the food needs to travel to get into your kitchen, the "food miles", growing your own food is also good news for the environment. 


Where do I start?

Buy packs of vegetable seeds at around £1.50 a packet, and just follow the instructions on the back.

Start out with easy to grow vegetables, such as courgettes, carrots, potatoes and runner beans.

Will I save money by growing my own food?

Tending an allotment size plot, with a variety of vegetables, can produce enough crop to save the typical household around £300 a year on their grocery bill.


Can  I make money by growing fruit and veg at home?

Yes.  Make contact with restaurants in your local area that have menus based on in-season food.  Or find a local buyer online using specialist websites like BigBarn

Want to take it further?

Check out the Royal Horticultural Society website for some tips on getting started with your vegetable plot.

How about Chickens as well!

Does self-sufficiency sound up your street? If you’re feeling brave and fancy fresh eggs with your breakfast, you can look into keeping your own chickens as well.

To get started, check out- http://poultrykeeper.com/general-chickens/beginners-guide-to-keeping-chickens.

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