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Get cash for Spare Storage Space


Your Space is in Demand

If you have a large home with a free area or some space in your spare room or attic, why not rent out some storage space?  In recent years, storage facilities such as Big Yellow have become increasingly popular in meeting the growing demand for storage.  


Its Easy Online

You can easily under-cut these companies by renting out space in your home and still make decent money.  

You can rent your storage space through free websites such as www.gumtree.com and craigslist.

There are also specialist websites out there such as www.storemates.co.uk and www.sharemystorage.com which will remove the hassle of finding a customer and collecting your earnings. They will also handle contracts and insurance for you.

Typical areas rented out for storage include your roof-space, a spare room, a shed or your garage.  The space has to be dry, secure and accessible. You are also able to rent out and outdoor spaces such as driveways for boats or caravans.

Expect to earn around £100 a month from renting out a garage or shed.  The earning potential of your storage space is based on the size of the space.  You could earn in excess of £200 a month if you are renting out a large garage.

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