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Hosting Foreign Exchange Students


Why do it?

There are lots of reasons (aside from financial motivations) to consider hosting a foreign student. Bringing a person from another culture into your life for a few weeks can be a very rewarding experience. If you have children, it becomes a great way to teach them about other cultures and countries. You might even find the inspiration to learn a new language!


Where do I start?

Well, you’ll firstly need a student! A good starting point is to contact your local further education college or university to find out if they are seeking hosts. Alternatively, there are many websites that allow you to register yourself, for example, www.embassyces.com.

The students themselves will come from all over the world and are generally in their late teens to mid-20s. The student will typically have at least a fair knowledge of English and will see this visit as a chance to practice their skills.  


What am I required to provide?

A typical arrangement involves you providing accommodation and meals. Although you will make around £80 per week per student, keep in mind and account for the extra cost of having another person under your roof. Your food bills will be higher during the stay and you will probably want to show them local sights and take them on outings. 

Communication and relationship building should begin before the student arrives. Get an email address or mailing address and introduce yourself. When they do arrive, make them feel comfortable. Introduce them to your friends and try and learn from them as they learn from you. The student should be a part of your normal household routine as any other family member.

Last of all, simply be yourself! Relax and enjoy the whole experience, this is something that both of you will remember for a long time.



To find out more about student hosting,  www.ExchangeStudentWorld.com is useful starting point.


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