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Home Business Ideas


Whether you just want to earn some spare cash or to set up as a full-time home business, there are many opportunities out there that will match your skills and interests.  


Your Business Idea

Find local support, including help with developing business ideas:

Have you come up with an innovative business idea?

Find out how to register your idea to make sure nobody copies it without your permission at https://www.gov.uk/browse/business/intellectual-property.         

Turn your idea into a business

-  Research your market - identify potential customers. Talk to them and find out if your idea is meeting a real need.
-  Develop and plan - test your product or service with real customers, make changes, and test it again. Keep doing this until you’re sure     there’s a demand for it.
-  Find partners and suppliers - think about who you’re going to work with to develop and sell your idea.
-  Set up your business - work out which legal structure is right for you, and whether you want to sell shares.
-  Get funding - explore different sources of business finance, from bank loans to government-backed schemes.

You might be able to get support from your local Jobcentre if you are unemployed.

image source: www.greatbusiness.gov.uk


Home Business Examples

The following are just a small selection of home business ideas. 


Register as a Childminder

Are you a staying at home mum or dad? Why not turn your responsibility into a money making opportunity? By branching out and caring for other parents’ children, your kids can have friends to play with and you can supplement your household income at the same time. 

Childminding can be a rewarding activity (most of the time!) and you can expect to earn good money as well.

Typically, child-minders earn between £5 and £9 an hour, per child. Even if you get landed with a little terror, you can always find reassurance in the knowledge that you get to hand them back at the end of the day!

To establish yourself as a child-minder, you should start by registering with Ofsted. To find out more about the registration process and to apply online, check out www.ofsted.gov.uk/

Pet Sitting or Pet Boarding

If looking after children sounds like your worst nightmare, perhaps you could consider animals instead.

Whether you’d prefer walking dogs around your local park or just staying at home feeding a humble goldfish, caring for pets can be a rewarding and fun experience.

Pet sitters can expect to earn at least £5 a day to look after smaller pets such as hamsters and goldfish. If you’re looking after a dog or a larger pet for the day, you can expect to earn up to £20.  So why not set up as a local pet sitting service.

To find out more, check out this link- www.platinumpetcare.co.uk


Enjoy Ironing?

I know I don’t! However, if you’re one of the few people that enjoy getting shirts and blouses crisp, why not capitalise on something that alot of people hate doing and establish an ironing business?

The great thing with such a business is that you can pick and choose your own hours, allowing you to remain flexible, ironing when you want to, within in the comfort of your own home.

You can expect to earn around £10 per hour through ironing. Not bad at all if it’s something you enjoy doing! Just think, you could catch up on the latest episode of Coronation Street whilst earning money in your front room!

If you’re looking to drum up customers and advertise your business, make sure you check out sites like www.gumtree.com and http://london.craigslist.co.uk/. These sites are great for advertising as they are free, popular and easy to use.  


Love to Bake?

Home made jams, buns, cakes and pies are in demand.

If you have a flair for baking, you can make money by  selling your creations at local fetes.  You may even be able to generate a regular income by selling your produce to a local tea shop or cafe. 

Need further advice?  

For advice on starting a business check out the www.gov.uk website

For general business advice, check out www.greatbusiness.gov.uk

Or get help at our discussion forum