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Building Regulations

Do I need to comply with the Building Regulations?

People are often unaware that Building Regulations approval will often be needed in for building work in the home. You should note that the grant of a planning permission does not remove the need to secure Building Regulations approval.

What are the Building Regulations?

Whereas as the Planning process is designed to look after your neighbours' interests (e.g. to prevent ugly looking development, or to prevent development that will unacceptably reduce light into your neighbours' properties etc), the Building Regulations process is very much about looking after your interests (e.g. ensuring that the development is structurally sound, watertight, or that you can get out safely in case of a fire etc).  In basic terms, the Planning process looks at external issues whilst the Building Regulations considers internal issues of a development.

Should I use my Local Authority Building Control or an Approved Inspector?

The Building Regulations process is unusual in that you have the choice of using your Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Service or of using a private "Approved Inspector" to secure Building Regulations approval.

House-Saver would recommend sticking with your local Council's Building Control Service (LABC).  Local Authority Building Control Officers are highly regarded in the industry and their advice and guidance can save you time and money.  Also, by using your Council's Building Control Service, you can be sure that the advice you receive is independent, plus you will have the peace of mind in the knowledge that you Council will still be around to assist you if problems occur with your building work in the future.