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Create a Granny Annexe or Granny Flat

Why Build a Granny Annexe?
The choices for elderly relatives requiring care and 'over-grown' children wanting independence are often not satisfactory. Current options can either provide your nearest and dearest with too much independence or not enough.
However, a granny annexe might be the perfect solution. Well designed granny annexes can bridge the gap between independence and care whilst delivering financial benefits. When finances are pulled, running and maintaining your homes can become much more affordable. 

How do I create a Granny Annexe?
You have a number of options when creating a granny annexe. The most common method involves converting a garage or out-building. However, you could also create a purpose-built annexe by extending your home, or even consider building a new structure in your garden. Whatever you decide on, just remember that the quality of the building work is important.
The annex should be to the same standard as the main family home.  It should be spacious and most importantly, it should be secure and safe.  Through separation, a granny annex effectively creates privacy for two separate family units living at the same property. Thus, it is paramount that both ‘families’ have their own space and are not cramped. Ideally the annexe should have its own bathroom and living room.


What permissions will I need?

A granny annexe will normally require Building Regulations approval and will also often require planning permission. Speak to your local council office if you are uncertain and make sure you appoint a skilled designer or architect to prepare plans and obtain the required consents. 


Granny Annexes and Council Tax
Now for the downside. If your granny annexe is classified by the Tax Office ‘self-contained unit’, the unit is traditionally treated as a separate dwelling for Council Tax purposes. However, local authorities are increasingly becoming more lenient, with the more progressive Councils waiving the Council Tax requirements on granny annexes.

Where can I find more information?

If you plan to build a granny annex by erecting an outbuilding in your garden or by converting your garage, check out the following useful guides to Planning and the Building Regulations from the Government's Planning Portal website:

- Planning Portal Outbuildings Mini Guide

- Planning Portal Garage Conversions Mini Guide


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