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Renting out a wall for outdoor advertising

   Billboard photo courtesy of Richard Simpson

This one’s somewhat of a long shot! If you are lucky enough to own a property with some VERY particular characteristics and in a VERY particular location, you could be on a VERY nice little earner!


Leasing space on the side of your property for billboards or advertising hoardings will make you upwards of £1,000 a year on the best sites.


However, not only do you need to own a property in a ‘perfect’ location (you will usually need to have a gable end facing onto a busy road), you will also need to secure necessary permission from your local Planning Department. Permission can prove somewhat irksome to obtain, as advertisements in the certain locations are often viewed as a highway safety hazard.


Interested? Think that your property might be suitable?  You should approach a media contractor who will help you secure the relevant consents and arrange to rent out your wall for advertising.

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