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Display Advertisements on your Car

How does it work? - At a glance

Car wrapping companies such as Money4Space and comm-motion operate by matching up businesses that are seeking to advertise with drivers that are happy to display their ads.

Once matched up, the car wrapping company will dispatch trained wrap fitters to apply the ad to your car.

You will be paid for each month that you display the ad.

How does it work? - In detail

Once you have registered on you preferred car wrapping website, you will then wait for an advertiser to be interested in your profile.

You will be notified once you have been selected.  You will then be given the details of the proposed ad and for how long you will be expected to display the ad.

If you are happy with the offer and the proposed design, arrangements will be made for your car to be wrapped.

Your car will be wrapped in a vinyl film.  This is a temporary film on which the ad is displayed.

For displays that cover windows, a special type of film is used, which appears transparent from the inside of your car yet shows an image on the outside.

The advert will remain on your vehicle for the duration of the advertising campaign.

You will typically be paid a monthly fee for the ad to be displayed on your car.

This monthly fee will depend on a number of factors, the foremost of which is the extent of your car's surface that is covered in the advertisement.

Some car wrapping companies will require you to drive a certain number of miles before you get paid.  Small GPS tracking devices are used to ensure that you are spending sufficient time behind the wheel.

Are there any qualification criteria?

The following terms and conditions for drivers are typical:

How much could I earn?

You can earn around £1500 a year for displaying an ad that covers the whole of your car.

Your earnings will reduce to around £900 a year for an ad displayed on the sides of your car.

If you only want the rear screen of your car to be covered, expect your earnings to drop to around £250 for a year's ad campaign.

I drive an old banger.  Does this matter?

Advertisements are custom designed to suit most makes of car. The type and age of car that you drive is less important than how your car is maintained and driven.  However, you may struggle to be selected by advertisers if your car is over 10 years old.

What if I don't want a particular Ad?

The car wrapping company will normally exclude sensitive categories of advertising such as cigarettes and booze. Ultimately, it is your decision on whether you accept the ad proposed for your car.

Will the ad damage my paintwork?

The main car wrapping companies employ expert fitters.  Car wrapping films are designed to be fitted and removed without damage.  This film actually helps protects your paintwork against stone chips, salt corrosion and wear & tear.

Will my car insurance be affected?

Your motor insurance will not normally be affected.  Indeed, the ad will make your car look unique, and therefore less attractive to thieves.

Many car wrapping companies will arrange insurance cover against damage to the wrap while displayed on your car and against theft or damage to any GPS unit you are required to carry.

Do I need to notify the DVLA?

The DVLA has specified that as car wraps are temporary, there is no requirement to notify them of any change to your car's colour arising from wraps.


This money earner is certainly not for everyone.  However, if you are not precious about having your car used as a mobile advertising hoarding, this is an easy way to make money from your car.   The specialist car wrapping websites out there will make the process of matching you up with an advertiser almost hassle free.